Artist Profile

Terry Winters: Artist Profile

American painter, Terry Winters, explores the connection between nature, science and painting.  Winters has stated, “everyone understands abstraction. All our lives are abstract.”

Over the years, his work has featured linear images of grids, graphs, circles, and geometric forms usually layered in ways that create a sensation of structure and deep space.

Winters’ investigations into systems and spatial fields explore both non-narrative abstraction and the physicality of modernism……..his works recall mathematical concepts and cybernetics, as well as, natural and scientific worlds.

“His attitude and his work show a faith in the language of painting to imagine worlds otherwise impossible to envisage.  Winters has always worked as the intersection between abstraction and ecologically inspired representation.” (Hyperallergic: Beer with a Painter, interview with Jennifer Samet)

This intersection of science and form also speak to me as a painter as I try to comprehend the visual world around me.

by Beverly Ryan

webs we weave

Recent work from Beverly Ryan (Author)

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