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That’s Pinteresting: Why I love Pinterest and you should too


Yes, I really am writing about Pinterest on a fine arts website. Pinterest has been described as a visual bookmarking tool, a content-sharing site and a visual search engine. For most people Pinterest conjures images of mason jar craft cocktails, lovingly crocheted baby bonnets or an album full of antique wedding veils, but don’t let its DIY reputation dissuade you from giving Pinterest a try.

As a fine artist there are two main ways to think about Pinterest, first as a source of inspiration and connection with other artists and secondly as a platform for marketing your work. For the purpose of this article I am focusing on Pinterest’s role as a visual resource. I like to think of the site as a curatorial device. At its best Pinterest will take you on a visually driven journey introducing you to new artists and allowing you to organize an art collection without the pesky problem of limited funds.

Founded in 2010 Pinterest has over one hundred million users and one billion boards with over fifty billion images. Among these fifty billion pins there are millions of fine arts images with more added every day.  Pins can be uploaded by users directly to the site or pulled from any website. In addition to the sheer volume of available images Pinterest is committed to making them intuitively accessible. As of this fall Pinterest is implementing state of the art deep-learning technology and tested object detection in order to develop a purely visual search engine or a “discovery engine” as they like to call it.

Use Pinterest Well:

You determine your own feed: As with Twitter following the right people, topics and boards is key to a good experience. Make sure to choose wisely.

Related Pins: My favorite way to find unexpected treasures. Just click on any image in your feed and scroll down for related pins and boards. (Caution- this feature is addictive and has been known to while away hours of my day)


Add a Pinterest button to your web browser:The Pinterest browser button makes it easy to save images and ideas from around the web.” You can add a pin it button to any web browser including your mobile device. After adding the button you can pin things easily without navigating away from the page.

Promoted Pins- Tell them what you think: Promoted pins are Pinterest’s biggest downside. Unfortunately the company must do something to justify it’s 11 billion dollar valuation. The good news is you can close them, then tell the site why. Providing Pinterest with feedback helps them choose better or at least less annoying ads.

*Fun Fact* – Share red, purple and pink images for more success: Researchers from Georgia Tech discovered a link between the diffuse color of a pin and the likelihood it will be shared via social media. That is to say, if you average all of the pixels in an image those with dominant red, purple and pink hues are shared more than other colors. (click here to read the full article from hyperallergic)

My Picks – Who to Follow:

Follow-Liz Ayerle






Read more about Pinterest – My Sources:

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