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My Body: Contributor Series

Get to know our authors through the new Contributor Series. A group of short posts from Proximity Arts members. Allow us to share our work and our thoughts on making work with you.

For the first instillation Ilene has written a paragraph that speaks to the relationships between still life, landscape and the figure. This poetic work explores both the formal and emotional aspects of each genre. She has also opened the doors to her “little red studio” for a brief guided tour.


My Body.  My Body.  My Body of Work.
Figures.  Still-Life.  Landscape.
Landscapes are Figures.
Still-Life is Figure.
Figure is Body of Shape.
Look.  Shape is Fluid.
Sexuality is Landscape is Fluid.
It is raining Ideas.
Para Normal.  Para Feminism.
Normal Feminism.
Put a bow tie on and Paint Yourself.
Reach. Let Go.

Click below for a tour of Ilene’s studio…

For more on Ilene check out her website and our contributors page,

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