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Back in November!

As many of our readers know, Proximity Arts was started as a collaborative blog by the first low residency MFA class at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Over the past two plus years we have used the blog as a way to share our thoughts on art and art making, taking some short breaks along the way to focus on school. Now that the first group of us has graduated, I am pleased to announce that Proximity Arts will continue with new content this fall.

Stay in touch through social media for announcements about events, new content and our contributors work. We are on Instagram @proximityartsblog and on Facebook @proximityarts

In the meantime here are some images of “Presence” the first annual Low Residency MFA thesis show at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. On View now at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum through September 9th, 2017.


Contributor Bárbara Díaz Tapia with her work at the “Presence” show opening (on Instagram @bdiaztapia)


Thesis work by contributor Claudia Eckel (on Instagram @eckel.claudia)


Thesis work from site founder and contributor Liz Ayerle (on Instagram @eayerle)


Thesis work & self-portraits by contributor Ilene Spiewak (on Instagram @spiewakilene)


Thesis work from Tania O’Donnell (on Instagram @taniashares)


Thesis work from contributor John Myers (in Instagram @johnanthonymyers)

The show also features work by classmates Maria Jimenez (on Instagram @mariajimenezart), Graham Preston (Instagram @grahamh.preston) and Tye Powell

Are you a visual artist interested in writing for Proximity Arts? Reach out by email to

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